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In the spring of 2022, we ran a contest celebrating the color pink. We are so grateful to the 448 artists from Fine Art America who competed in our contest. Altogether, they submitted 2,302 pieces of art for our judges to assess! We tallied a total of 3,415 votes to get our winner, Kaye Menner. What an accomplishment! This site is dedicated to our contest finishers. We feature our winner, Kaye Menner, the artists that finished in the top 5, and the artists that finished in the top 10. There were a few artists with more than one piece in the top 10! We also had some ties for placement so there are more than 10 artists. Enjoy!


We highly recommend browsing through the pieces noted as memorable by clicking here. Want to peruse all 2,302 pieces? Click here to do that!

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